Welcome to the Dynamic World Of Security & Automation. We have 3 business verticals.
In these three verticals, multiple solutions which we provide are:

  • The complete building/home automation & Security solutions

    Solutions with latest technology and equipment including automation, voice controlled homes, smart water meters, digital door locks, video door phones, CCTV & security solutions for apartments/ corporate or any other residential/commercial places.

  • Smart glass films

    Solutions for home, office, hotels for privacy control & smart glass films for video projection. Switchable glass films which can be transparent and opaque remotely.

  • ambiance lighting

    Solutions including pixel LED, LED dance floor, Kinetic lights and colorful bubble walls.

  • Customized smart recliners

    Recliners for home, office, home theater which are available with different fabrics, colors and any customization like cup holder, storage, lamp etc .

  • Complete Home Theater/ Home Cinema solution

    Solutions for home theater or commercial purpose including projector, screen, pro-sound systems, home theater systems, projector, screens, acoustics & touch-jet which can convert any screen into touch screen.

  • Complete Audio video solution for restaurants, pubs, hotels or commercial places
Home AutomationAmbiance Lighting, Customized reclinersOHM Sound Systems
Home & Office Automation

Home/office automation & security solutions are no longer a luxury. It has become a need for everyone, considering our lifestyle.

DWOSA Automation is the first company in the world to launch Home Automation as a service (HAaaS).

DWOSA Home Automation provides a smart automation solution for home, office, hotels that makes it easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your home—from TVs to thermostats, door locks to drapes—no matter where you are, using one simple-to-use interface. DWOSA Home Automation solutions make your life more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure.

Smart, wireless, retrofit automation solution for home, office, restaurants, hotels, showrooms and malls at affordable price.

We offer Fibaro products to provide a complete solution for home or office automation. Fibaro is world’s leading manufacturers of the wireless home automation systems, which sells its products in more than 100 countries, on 6 continents.

Home Automation

Wireless ….Retrofit…Scalable…Modular automation. No need to replace any switch, appliances…no need to pull additional wires…. Entire house hardware installation can be done within an hour.

Control your entire house or office using automation

Easy to manage – even kids can  enjoy the comfort  of automation.

Imagine… Comfort, Safety, Intelligence, Reliability, Aesthetics and Innovation in your home or office …. At a touch of a button …. From anywhere in the world

Dwosa provides high quality smart glass film for home, office, hotels for privacy control & smart glass films for video projection.

Smart Glass Film
Smart Glass Film (Automatic Transparent/Opaque)

Make your home / office Smart & Futuristic…Change the way you live!

DWOSA Automation is proud to be featured on CIOReviewIndia magazine’s cover story as India’s one of the most promising Office and Home Automation Solution Provider.

Check out our story in online magazine at: http://bit.ly/CIOreviewDwosa

Visit our experience center to see the live demo of Automation.

Ambiance Designing

Dwosa Automation makes a beautiful ambiance for your residential & commercial places (home/office/restaurants/pubs/hotels etc.).

Dwosa Ambiance Designing
Beautiful Ambiance Lighting
Dwosa Entertainment

Dwosa Automation provides world class complete home theater/ home cinema solution for your residential & commercial requirements including audio-video, projectors, screens, acoustic, recliners and designing.

Home Theater
Complete Home Cinema/ Home Theater Design
Home Theater
Home Theater Recliners, Projectors, Screens

World’s leading Home Theater & Pro Sound Systems

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