Fibaro System

Easy to manage

Beautifully designed user friendly interface for everyone. Access your home / office from anywhere in the world using PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet. Remote access of your house or office enables you to have better control on your electricity consumption. Generally, automation users can save up to 35% on  energy consumption.

Access your home from PC, laptop, mobile or tablet

Play with your lights as much as you can imagine… Create your own color compositions…!!

Configuration interface lets you define any lighting colour, change its situation, set predefined colours from mobile devices, start programs, assign interior colours to specified user or use LED strips for reporting alarm events recorded by Fibaro Home Center built-in alarm system.

Choose ambiance color of your choice

Automate your parking using lights and Fibaro to enhance the comfort. You can create lighted parking guidance in your garage using colour LED strips and analog proximity sensors. Illuminated colour will change depending upon distance to the walls.

Automate your car parking

Start garden watering automatically when the soil is actually dry..

Automatic watering solution based upon soil humidity

Enhance the Security of your house to multiple fold. 99% people in the world think of CCTV cameras for security of their house , office, showrooms; however, CCTV cameras cannot prevent security incidents, as it is a reactive security measure. 80% of the places like  flats, apartments, shops, where security incidents happen, already have CCTV cameras.

Using Fibaro security solutions, you can significantly reduce the possibility of unwanted intrusion  or security incidents.  Unlike  traditional burglary sound alarm, Fibaro system can also notify about security breach by flashing of lights, in case you are unable to hear sound alert due to loud music. Fibaro system can trigger various actions or alerts for you, your neighbors, security guards based upon the scenes that you will create in the system.Smart & Secure house

CURRENTLY, THE FIBARO SYSTEM IS THE BEST BUILDING AUTOMATION SOLUTION AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD                                                                                                                                                          
FIBARO works on wireless z-wave protocal, which makes Reliable, fast , afforable and trusted solution. The USP of FIBARO is their Graphical user Interface, which is simply greate, attractive and user friendly. .It is the only system available on the market capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire (old-type electrical systems).
Retrofit Solution                                                                                                                                                                               
FIBARO have very compact wireless module which get fixed backside of the switch board. Hence
you dont need any rewiring or Breakage of walls for home automation. Presently FIBARO has worlds smallest wireless  module.
THE GRAPHICAL INTERFACE                                                                                                                                                                 
It is the only system with a simple configuration interface allowing you to change dependencies between devices, scenes and the entire system intelligence from any computer at any time, without any specialist software or the need to call technical service.


The Intelligent System

Fibaro System checks and monitors status of individual devices and, if necessary, informs you of an incident. It is the only system on the market which knows an exact position of a pulled-up roller blind or an awning, etc. It updates automatically. It automatically creates backup copies of saved settings and sends them to external servers. Battery-powered components will inform you well in advance of the need to change energy source. If you go on holiday and forget to turn the heating off, Fibaro will send you a message asking if it should do it for you.

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