Smart Glass Films

Switchable Smart Glass Film and Projection Film

Smart Switchable Glass Film is a special laminated glass, which made of one piece of Switchable Transparent Film (STF) and two pieces of inter layer (like EVA) and two pieces of Glass.

When no electricity is applied, the liquid crystal droplets of STF are randomly oriented, creating and opaque state. When electricity is applied, the liquid crystals align parallel to the electric field and light passes through, creating a transparent state.

Smart Privacy Glass Film can manage transparency instantly in response to user demand for seclusion, privacy or confidentiality without compromising light transmission. User just turns the Smart Privacy Glass Film “on” for transparent glass and “off” for opaque glass in a within one second by a power switch.

Smart Privacy Glass Film is a liquid crystal film allowing immediate switching from translucent to transparent. With a sticky it can be directly attached to the surface of the transparent material. SA-STF can be used for window film, projection screens and other applications. Because of the ease of installation and use, Smart Privacy Glass Film is becoming increasingly popular on the market.